Maayan Feigin Glass Sculpture


Founder and Co-Owner of Glass Blowing “G Studio” Tel-Aviv, Israel  

Selected Past Exhibitions

2011- Upcoming - Group exhibition Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2011 Private show in Maleor galery, Caesarea, Israel

2010 “Selected Works” Igod Bank Ranana’a, Israel

2010 Group exhibition Liberty museum, Philadelphia, USA

2010 “Media facts” Azrieli Trade Center, Tel Aviv

2008 Group exhibition Haystack Galery, Maine, USA

2008 “Studio Glass” - Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2008 Group exhibition- The Italian Jewish  Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

2007 “Fragile Reality” – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.

2007 “Post Craft” - Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007 Group exhibition –“Swimmers”

2007 Group exhibition -“Memory from the past”,  Miriam Yaniv Gallery

2006 Goblets -Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2003 “Fantasy”- Hamburg Art Museum.

2003 “Japan” Bezalel Academy of Art, Graduate’s Exhibition.

2002 “Fantasy”- Berg Art Museum, Flansburg


2009-Summer class in Haystack Art School with Pino Signoretto, Main, USA

2008-Glass Blowing Team in Tacoma Art Museum, WA, USA. Worked with: Lino Tagliapietra, The De La Torre Brothers, Peter Navotni and others.

2008- Summer class in Pilchuck with Pino Signoretto & Richard Royal WA, USA.

2007- Summer class with Bill Gudenrath from Corning Museum in G Studio, TA, Israel.

2006- Glass Blowing Team at the CGCA Fellowship program, the Creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton Village, NJ, USA.

2003- BFA , Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel. Majored in Glass.


2009 Scholarship from Haystack Art Shool for summer class

2008 Scholarship from AIDA for summer education- 3 months in the USA 

2003 Excellency scholarship for young students from Bezaled Academy of Art.

2001 Scholarships for studying at Peter Navotny,Novy Bor, Czech Republic

Art Teaching Experience

2006-2010 Present  Lecturer at G studio for Glass-Blowing and Casting, Tel Aviv.

2005-2006 Professional guide at “Monart” Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel.

2002 - 2003 TA in Glass Blowing, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2001- Glass blowing course at Peter Navotni “Glass Blowing Spring School

Scholarships and Awards

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