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Short Bio:


Born in Jerusalem, Israel.

Founder and Co-owner of Glass Blowing “G Studio” in Tel-Aviv, Israel. It is the first glass blowing studio in Israel that enables access to different glass artists and to new members of the glass art community in Israel.  

My works are exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel and around the world.

My focus is on glass sculpturing in hot glass. I use several techniques and enhance the glass with other materials.

My latest inspiration has been concerned with  three subjects: ” Motion” which I try to capture in my work. I also try to convey " the Culture of Consumption"  and "The Effect of Media on Modern Life" in my work.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Glass from Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel. 

Participated in summer classes in US top glass schools (Pilchuck & Haystack), was part of Glass Blowing Team in Tacoma Art Museum, WA, USA (worked with Lino Tagliapietra, The De La Torre Brothers And more) and was a member of Glass Blowing Team at the CGCA Fellowship program, Wheaton Village, NJ, USA.


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