What is “hot glass”?

Glass is a unique material. Until this day scientists do not know for sure how glass transforms itself from the liquid state to a solid state. Physicists actually define glass as a “super liquid”. Hot glass is similar in its consistency to honey. The temperature of the hot glass is 1250-1200C. One can cast, pour and blow  hot glass.
Is it for everyone?
Yes, anyone can work with hot glass. No previous experience is necessary. Our oldest student was a lady aged 73. Blowing glass is an excellent way to get some physical activity while creating art.
What can I do with glass?
Everything. You can create functional objects such as wine glasses, vases or plates. Or you can create sculptures or absract objects.
What materials and tools do I need to buy for the course?
All materials and tools are provided and included in the price of the course.
Once I do the initial course can I continue learning?
Yes, we teach courses on different levels from beginners to experts.
I finished the course, now what?
Once you have  finished the glass blowing course you can  work in any hot glass studio workshop. We will be happy to help you to plan and design your own creations. If you wish to challenge yourself more, you may also take advanced courses. We give special discounted rates to our past students who want to rent the use of our studio.
Can you help me to build my own hot shop?
Based on our experience, we have advised many people in Israel on planning, building and running their own hot shops.
What other courses do you teach?
We are passionate about hot glass. The facilities in our studio allow us to teach a variety of tecniques using hot glass. We teach courses on sand and kiln casting, and glass sculpting.
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